Innovation and the future-proof bank

The "project" I've alluded to on this blog a few times recently is a book I'm working on to be published by Wiley. It's called "Innovation and the Future Proof Bank" and will come out early in 2009. As you've probably gathered from the title, it is supposed to help bankers create innovation teams and […]

Peer to peer lending through the lens of disruption

I've begin to ask myself whether peer to peer lending is, in fact, a disruptive or incremental innovation. I can already imagine everyone out there reading this incredulously: of course peer to peer lending is disruptive! But just because it is something banks aren't really doing much of at present does not make it disruptive.On […]

On Titles 2.0 and what they mean

Katherine Coombs, who works with me in our innovation team at the bank, blogs on the subject of titles for innovators. This internal micro-meme all started recently when the team went to visit IBM’s labs, where they met a whole group of people with titles such as “Innovation Ninja” and “Virtual World Evangelist”. Katherine opines […]

The economic implications of power

I was in a meeting with Cisco yesterday where they talked of the work they are doing with respect to greening the network in the data centre. Basically, they said, you can increase the efficiency of a data centre by decreasing the number of ports that each server uses. With virtualisation on the rise, that […]

Where is that uniqueness in services?

The acquisition of EDS by HP is all over the news, and apparently will result in the second largest tech services firm in the world after IBM. Now, that’s all very well, and we are a very big buyer of technology services, but size does not a compelling value proposition make. I am challenged, in […]

How many innovators does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer 1: Three- one to ideate, one to innovate, and one to determine if we actually do have light. Answer 2: None- the major advance in light was the discovery of fire and nothing new is going to happen in bulbs so we’re moving onto transcendental luminescence. Answer 3: One, but only once. This new […]

Doing consumer electronics

There is a revolution going on that – it seems to me –  banks haven’t much noticed.  The revolution is in how low the barriers have become to create desirable consumer electronics. So low, that even if you don’t know anything about what you’re doing, you can do it. I first stumbled on this last […]

Innovation is about building new levers

Last night, I was at dinner with an innovator from another large company involved in financial services. We were discussing the optimum mix of incremental, disruptive and breakthrough innovation. In common with so many other people I’ve spoken to, it became apparent quickly that the feeling was that incremental was not necessarily the sort of […]

A look back in time: prospects for home banking

You’ll love this. I was going through past issues of the ABA Journal recently, and came across the October 1981 issue. It had an article entitled “Home banking prospects: A status report on explosive growth” (you can only get it now through various pay wall databases, I believe). Bare in mind the time scales. Web […]

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