The new little server

I am presently in Canada, attending the latest TTI Vanguard meeting on technology trends. We’re exploring how pervasive communications technologies will change art, influence science, and innovate business. Yesterday, there was a particularly epochal presentation. We’re running under Chatham House Rules here, so I won’t disclose who was presenting, but the basic point was that […]

Innovating work life balance

As at most companies, we have a focus on work-life balance. The other day, for example, I got to watch an interview with one of our most senior people at which the balance question was asked. The answer, and in fact, it seems to be a universal one whenever you get this question, is that […]

The democratisation of complexity

Everywhere you look, very complicated things are being done by people without very much training in how to do them. Have you noticed? Finance people are building super-complicated computer models without any formal training in computer science. They can do that because the tools of production of complicated models have been democratised in the form […]

A new kind of event please

I have an appeal for vendors everywhere: create events that are unique and interesting. In our line of work, we get many invitations, and we go to some of them. But there’s a definite trend, I think, to homogeneity of all vendor events around several issues only. For example, not so long ago, practically every […]

Policing social media

As we continue our social media experiments, one of the biggest questions we’ve been trying to answer is just how, exactly, do you manage bad behaviour? This is a new medium, and our employees haven’t had as direct a path to an audience before. What if this new means of communications gets abused? It makes […]

Best practice

The other day I was in a meeting where I was told that something was “best practice”. I hate it when I’m told this. When one digs further, you almost always find the statement covers up something that is certainly not best. In my experience, best practice is usually a defensive statement rather than an […]

A bank account uses more water than making a litre of petrol

Last night I went to an event at NESTA, the peak body fostering innovation in the UK. One of my key takeaways was a fresh realisation of the value of water. It’s suggested, in fact, that in the next few decades, fresh water will become one of the most valuable commodities on Earth. Wars will […]

The Workforce Gap & open calendars

There are two kinds of people in organisations. Those that keep their internal calendars open for all to see, and those that don’t. I make this distinction because I’ve noticed that this is a rather good indicator of other behaviour as well. Most particularly, it is indicative of the side of the Workforce Gap you […]

If you thought top down support for innovation was important…

In some research I’m presently doing for a project, I came across an academic study that was published last October in the Journal of Marketing (behind a paywall unless you are an academic, I think). The study, conducted variously by researchers in the U.K and North America, looks at what happens when CEO’s spend time […]

That new thing at Bank of America

The announcement that Bank of America is going to invest in an MIT lab to invent the future of banking was reported by Colin over at BankWatch. He suggests he needs to be convinced of the value of lab based approaches to solving banking problems. Interestingly, someone who identifies as from the Centre of Future […]

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