Under the radar

I’m trying to create a list of the reasons why you’d want to run projects "under the radar" in an organisation that supports innovation. Under-the-radar has all these stealth connotations, as if you’re doing something you shouldn’t be. That’s not an accurate characterisation of the situation, however. If you want a decent rate of success, […]

Why IT isn’t free, and never will be

Internally, we’re working on a project that moves a lot of data around the bank. Actually, it isn’t a lot of data, but it is data that needs a bit of processing. It isn’t especially complicated, just a feed from one system that needs some transformation and upload into another. Now, this is hardly a […]

The democratisation of the complex

Here’s something that isn’t obvious unless you look hard: complex  IT systems are being democratised.  By that, I mean that business systems owners are becoming business systems creators as well. What I’m seeing at our bank (and apparently in lots of other institutions as well, according to people I’ve talked to about this) is that […]

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