The escape velocity of ideas

One thing I’m always telling the team here is that an idea by itself is pretty much valueless. Even the best, most amazing concept ever thought of, doesn’t do much if just sits around in somebody’s head. And if all you do is talk about doing it, the situation is much, much worse. Because then […]

Social lending takes 10% share

Over at Technology and Finance, Tom Groenfeldt reports that Gartner is forecasting that in two years, ten percent of all retail lending and financial advice services will go to social banking applications. Now, if that’s true, its rather a bother for banks everywhere. 10%? That’s real money no matter how you slice it. We’ve been […]

The epiphany moment

Yesterday, I spent some time at the offices of BCG, getting their validation on the metrics we’re planning to use in 2008 to measure our innovation efforts. In case you don’t know, BCG have a very developed innovation practice, with some leading thinkers in the field. Talking with them is always productive. Apart from the […]

In the branch, the Manager is the thing

So I was at another dinner last night. It was full of bankers, of course, but I can’t tell you who was there or where it was, because the whole thing was under Chatham House Rules. I shouldn’t even be mentioning it, so if you tell anyone, I will have to send someone out to […]

Digital innovation dinner

Last night I attended another Digital Innovations dinner, which are held irregularly by Conchango. Apart from the interesting discussion, a quite spectacular feature was that the venue was the Gherkin in London. Probably the best views of the city available. Anyway, at this dinner, a topic that came up was customer perception of value of […]

The new innovators

The other day, I had the opportunity to address a class at the London School of Economics, a course in Innovation Management. What was exceptionally interesting to me was some of the questions the students asked about the practical application of innovation. My first point, which I don’t think they found surprising, was that execution […]

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