New ways of collaborating at the bank

It is fascinating to watch the emergence of new ways of collaborating here at the bank. As I’ve alluded to before we recently launched a pilot to trial social media internally. And we’ve not been disappointed with the interest and takeup. We have one blog, for example, that documents the trials and tribulations of a […]

The mashed up bank

As a thought exercise, I’ve been wondering if it is possible, these days, to do without a bank at all and still have a relatively normal life. And by normal, I don’t mean keeping cash under the mattress. I’m talking about a proper banking relationship, but without the bank account. It is simple to combine […]

Why working out reminds me of banking

I’m presently using a guest membership for a Gym close to where I am staying in Australia. The location is Sydney, and the area is one with a particularly high socio-economic demographic. The gym itself is a rather well known global chain, and whilst I was working out this morning, I was struck by how […]

2008: the year we make contact

I’m presently working remotely from Australia. Its been a while since I spent any substantive amount of time here, and I’ve somehow forgotten just how very strongly people feel about their banks here. Over the Christmas period, I got the usual ear-bashing from relatives and friends outside the industry, and they all focused on one […]

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