Divides, free and thermometer men

A few good comments have been posted here recently, and I though it would be interesting to review them with my own thoughts that they triggered. I was surprised, though I guess I should not have been, at the reaction my post on "The New Divide: the workforce gap" got across the blogosphere. Susan Abbot, […]

Real boats rock

It is a real temptation when you do an innovation role, to focus only on those things that you know well enough to control completely. The temptation comes from the ability to reduce delivery risk firstly, but also because it is possible to manage every communication, every stakeholder, and every target group directly. With such […]

Author of Visible-Banking blog joins Lloyds TSB

I have to admit, when I wrote a few weeks ago that Christope Langlois "has been doing a rather good job lately of being everywhere and covering everything… makes me wonder how he copes with is day job", I was being ever so slightly disingenuous. You see, we’d already made the decision to hire Christophe […]

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