Economics of free and banking

The excellent Chris Anderson is presently exploring concepts for his new magnum opus, “Free”. The central point he makes is that there is a market trend – certainly for digital goods at least – to a consumer price of zero. And, he suggests, this is being seen in other real-world markets as well, such as […]

The new divide: the worforce gap

Previously, I’ve written on the topic of the gap between IT people and business people and how it’s eroded, if it hasn’t disappeared altogether in most large companies. Thus safe in the warm glow attending the fact that everyone is, finally, working closely and effectively together, I was somewhat less than overjoyed to realise (belated, […]

An innovation culture or an innovation process

Yesterday, I spoke at the Finextra Forum for Innovation in Financial Services. There is great coverage of the event by Christophe Langlois here. Christophe has been doing a rather good job lately of being everywhere and covering everything – makes me wonder how he copes with his day job. Anyway, something that came up in […]

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