Hard problems in banking

I’ve spent the last two days at the Xerox research centre in Grenoble, France, looking at some of the work their scientists are doing. And last month, I visited the Microsoft Research Labs in Cambridge. There was a significant difference between the two, and not just because they are working in different fields. Xerox, whilst […]

Private banking innovation podcast

Recently I was approached by Alex Osterwalder of the Private Banking Innovation blog in order to do a podcast on innovation. That podcast has just been published, and you can access it here. Thanks, Alex, for inviting me to participate.

Virtualise everything and put it in the cloud

Chris Anderson, the author of the paradigm-shifting book The Long Tail, is purported writing a book that examines the economics of abundance, appropriately called Free. In that, the argument is around the idea that money can be made just giving things away to customers. In the internet/web 2.0 space, you can see that happening everywhere. […]

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