A challenge to Wesabe

Wesabe have launched something quite significant: they’ve opened up their data to other applications, applications outside Wesabe itself. That’s important, because it makes it possible to create mashups and other kinds of apps using an individual’s financial data. It is also important because, as they quickly point out, it provides an API to the bank, […]

Prioritising innovation

Ron Shevlin, who writes one of my favourite financial services blogs, quotes me today in his post on financial services innovation. He notes in my previous comments on the process of innovation that I don’t identify how, exactly, we prioritise the things we’re going to focus on. That’s a very good question, and one that I’m […]

Personalisation the old thinking or new

Late last week, I went to an industry dinner at which the topic was Web 2.0 and financial services. One of the interesting things about this dinner was meeting Dave Nicholson, who is a founder of Zopa (but now doing other things). Zopa is an interesting play in lots of ways, but the big question […]

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