Update on innovators forum

A few weeks ago, I posted on Pol Navaro’s idea of building up an Innovator’s Forum, in the form of a quarterly conference call between banks with innovation programmes (or at least, an interest in innovation). We’re going to be discussing the process of innovation, how it has helped institutions move up the curve, and […]

Wesabe finds meaning in its database

Hat tip to Wesabe, who are continuing to embrace the blogosphere in a big way. Today, I received early notification of a press release they are putting out tomorrow which announces some interesting analysis they’ve done using their member data. For those who aren’t following Wesabe, it is a social personal finance site that enables […]

Matching expectation to experience

A few weeks ago I wrote about my thoughts on the conundrum that faces banks as a result of the service arms race: the constant march to greater and greater levels of customer experience in an environment where only those with the deepest pockets can win in the long run. I controversially then suggested that a […]

The effect of taking down barriers

As part of a governance committee at the bank for which I am doing work, I’ve had the chance recently to talk with a number of other institutions to see what they think about the idea of pulling down the walls that stop internal individuals working with each other to generate value, perhaps in a synergistic way […]

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