An innovators forum

Recently, I received an email from Pol Navaro, who is Head of Innovation at Banco Sabadell in Spain. His thought was that it would be interesting to create a forum for innovators and new concept people from banks to get together to talk about the specifics of trying to drive innovation inside our organisations. Now, […]

Now there’s big money in P2P

I, for one, was not that surprised with the news yesterday that Virgin Group has taken a stake – a majority one – in Circle Lending. It was only a matter of time before someone with real money decided to get into the P2P game. Why is that? For various conference and research purposes I’ve […]

The process of innnovation

As I’ve been getting settled here at the bank in my new role, its been interesting to see the way that my colleagues – both in Group IT, and elsewhere in the group – have reacted to the advent of an innovation team. In general, everyone applauds the initiative on the one hand, while they […]

New threats or recycled worries

I’ve just come across an article that outlines some of the threats that come from the use of Web 2.0 technologies in financial services applications. The basic conclusion of the article is that banks should not be rushing into the space: A lot more analysis needs to be done before financial applications can be integrated […]

Web 2.0 in the bank

Yesterday, I was in a meeting where our communications people were working out how to tell our employees about the new Web 2.0 technologies they have available to them to help them work. "What’s this?", I thought, wondering when and how these discussions had started in the first place. I’d understood that getting things like […]

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