The end of days

Today is my last day at Getronics. It has been an amazing company to work for, and I have somewhat mixed feelings about leaving. Last year, I visited about 100 banks in more than 25 countries. I spent all but 20 work days traveling either in the UK or elsewhere. And in the course of […]

Financial services tech analysts: innovation makers or expensive journalists?

Recently, I sat through a presentation from a top tier analyst firm where it was suggested that one of the major benefits of buying the research was being able to access their thought-leadership around financial services. This, apparently, would help our company be relevant and insightful for customers. I don’t for one minute deride the […]

Riding the anti-bank wave: web 2.0

I’m noticing that lately practically all financial services oriented Web 2.0 plays are positioning themselves in a most anti-bank type of way. Take, for example, the pitch of most peer-to-peer lending sites on this subject. Almost without exception, a key value proposition is anti-bank. Here are some selected quotes: Zopa About Page: Banks have huge […]

Financial services gadgets

Jim Bruene, on the Netbanker blog analyses the usage data for Google Gadgets and makes the point that there is an opportunity for banks to do widgets themselves and get them out for very small investments in code. He argues: Most of the gadgets at Google were developed by outsiders. In its instructions to developers, […]

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