Quantum computing equals quantum profits

The Economist reports this week on the first practical demonstration of a quantum computer solving real world problems. D-Wave Systems make the Orion processor, which sits in a bath of helium liquid cooled close to absolute zero. Apparently, the company showed some real life applications for the device: a molecular pattern search (useful in the […]

Bank of America gives credit to illegals

I awoke this morning (I am presently in the US) to an interesting story on Fox News: apparently Bank of America have a programme that enables an illegal resident in the US to get a credit card, albeit with higher fees and rates than an ordinary citizen. The reaction of the stock market was that […]

Rabo gets it

A recent post by Linkdump points to a news item coming out of the Netherlands: that the innovative Rabo Bank are about to start an NFC trial with a supermarket chain and a mobile operator. I am not surprised by this move. As I’ve mentioned before, Rabo Bank are presently innovating in the mobile space. […]

Microsoft micropayments

The article by ZDnet’s Donna Boghatin speculating about a potential Microsoft entry into the micropayment space contains a few nuggets of information that are worth exploring. She was reporting on comments made by Bill Gates at the World Economic forum, which included this one: “…if you want to charge someone $.10 or a dollar a […]

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