Forget anonymity in peer-to-peer lending

  The other day I came across FYGO, a new twist on the P2P loans concept. Rather than an anonymous market where lenders and borrowers are joined together auction style, FYGO creates a social network in which you borrow and lend to people you know.The network is created using your contacts and all the lender […]

How institutions are doing on brand

After reading this post by ING corporate blogger David Garceran Nieuwenburg this morning, I thought it might be interesting to examine the way that financial services brands have been changing, both in terms of their rankings against other major brands, and in terms of brand value. Using the top 100 brands data published annually by […]

Prosper and Zopa on Alexa

Check out the following data which I got from Alexa this morning: a graph of the reach of (reach is defined by Alexa here). Apart from the fact that Prosper is just about double Zopa in terms of its reach, check out how tightly the numbers follow each other on both sites, especially […]

Amateur productions in banking

Over at RoughType, Nicholas Carr makes a comment on new releases from Apple Inc. that I thought was rather interesting. Jobs, in fact, couldn’t possibly be more out of touch with today’s Web 2.0 ethos, which is all about grand platforms, open systems, egalitarianism, and the erasing of the boundary between producer and consumer. Like the iPod, […]

What consumers value in banks

Guess what? Customers care about price more than anything else when they deal with their banks. The other day, I came across, a shopping site that hosts user-written reviews and ratings and which includes many (most!) of the providers of financial services in the UK. For banking, users are asked to give an overall […]

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