Zopa on the BBC

Last night, Zopa made the 6 O’clock news on the BBC (watch the video here). If you’ve been reading this blog for a bit, you’ll know that I think that Zopa and Prosper are fundamentally in a position to change the way that the business of banking is done. I’ve made the point that the […]

Account aggregation and user generated content

At the height of the dot-com boom, I worked for a company that was into account aggregation – the downloading and consolidation of transaction details for multiple banking relationships for consumers. We built a number of interesting sites based on this technology, but eventually got out of the business because consumer take-up just didn’t seem to […]

Can an Internet-only bank work?

The post I did on Egg last week was picked up by Colin over at Bankwatch and his readers, and has resulted in quite some discussion. Today, Colin has posted a rather complete analysis of the challenges of being "branchless", which when you think about it, is the best typification of an "Internet-only" bank. Compared […]

Virtual worlds and financial services

Have you ever used Second Life or played World of Warcraft? These are online games in which real-world people take on virtual personas, sometimes called avatars, and live out imaginary lives quite independently of their real-world ones. In these imaginary worlds, people can own things, make things, and exchange them, all for units of virtual […]

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